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NPCN provides practice management and administrative support services to participating physicians and group practices. Our MSO goal is to help relieve physicians of non-medical business functions so that they can concentrate on the clinical aspects practicing medicine.

Because we purchase services as a group, we can achieve economies of scale. These cost savings are passed on to physicians. Purchasing can include discounted outsourced billing, malpractice discounts, discounted equipment leasing, shared staffing, and EMR.

The advantage is to leverage our clinical guidelines, care standards and integrated delivery systems to garner rewarding contracts with third party payers, including insurance companies and employers.

At NPCN, providers share in the financial benefit of our Medicare Advantage contracts and enhanced capitation arrangements. There are also rewards and bonuses for the appropriate reporting, and in the achievement of low Medical Loss Ratios (MLR).

Being part of an MSO will allow you, the provider, to receive a PMPM rate and share in exciting savings surpluses, rebates and bonuses.

NPCN provides tools to optimize:

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  2. Wellness Visits
  3. Transitional Care
  4. Palliative Care
  5. Contracting with network specialists and outpatient services
  6. STARS measures
  7. HCC captures and accurate Risk Adjustment Factoring (RAF)
  8. Hospital, payer and office claims data
  9. Event notification
  10. Pharmacy utilization data