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Nevada-based provider group, Nevada Primary Care Network, joins forces with VIZI CarePointe.

VIZI is a technology-enabled system of care that provides clinical, operational, and financial integration to delegated risk providers focused on enhancing medical home performance under advanced alternative payment models. VIZI combines it’s unique cloud-based technology platform with managed and affiliated community care providers to enable better network integrity and scale clinical directives across medically complex populations.

VIZI provides a broad suite of solutions to meet your practice and population needs including:

  • vIDN® Network Integrity Solution – A comprehensive system of care that integrates disparate community-based care teams within a curated network to allow for better care coordination, intervention, and gap closure.
  • CarePointe® Care Management Solution – A robust care coordination service that meets your medically complex populations where they are and improves cost, access, and quality outcomes across a wide variety of clinical and financial measurements.
  • CarePointe® Cap – A payment model innovation that partners with delegated risk providers on a sub-capitated basis to deliver community-based clinical and non- clinical services within a predictable monthly cost across covered populations.

VIZI extends the physician practice to thrive under both fee-for- service and value-based payment models. Our services include:

  • Complex Case Management
  • Transitional Care Coordination
  • Palliative Case Management
  • Emergency Department Care Coordination
  • Network Integrity Management
  • Lean 6 Sigma care system design services
  • Data integration services

The VIZI leadership team has over 200 years of combined healthcare experience in payor, medical device, health information technology, pharmaceutical, 6 Sigma Black Belt, and community care coordination with companies such as United Healthcare, Banner Health System, General Electric, Intel, Cardinal Health, OnPointe, and Kindred. Whatever your practice or population needs are, the VIZI team can configure a technology-enabled system of care that allows you to make more money and deliver better care to your patients.