NPCN is organizing physician practices for the purpose of reducing overhead and pursuing business ventures such as contracts with health plans, accountable care organizations (ACO) and/or managed care organizations (MCOs).

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The growing cost of healthcare is unsustainable for payers, resulting in a shift towards value and risk based payment structures.

For the independent physician practice, it is hard to spread the risk and leverage small buying power to compete with larger organizations. However larger organizations are still very top heavy and fragmented. The opportunity to maintain practice autonomy, preserve independence and achieve triple the aims of lower costs, quality outcomes and improved patient satisfaction could not be better in Nevada with NPCN.

NPCN Provider Benefits:

  1. Through group purchasing, receive discounted rates on professional services, employee health insurance, employee benefits, mal-practice and general liability insurance and every day office and medical supplies.
  2. Practice enhancement offers, such as, intensive care management services, after hours patient triage and mobile provider, Wellness, STARS and RAF services, clinical concierge call center, post-acute and E.D. coordination and acute transitions to improve RTA.
  3. Negotiations and contracting with health systems and third-party payers for reimbursement improvements, shared savings, and contract security.
  4. Improved Chronic Care Management registry and quality measures.
  5. Improved ACO attribution and care-retention.